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iPhone 11 Pro Review — Much More Than A Triple Lens Camera...

For a while now, Apple has been the trendsetter in the smartphone segment of the market. Be it the shifting of focus to camera quality, AR emojis, or the notch display; Apple has been the frontrunner in almost everything. So naturally, when it was announced that the new iPhone model would be coming with a triple camera system — it generated a lot of hype. Apple also marketed its latest phone model by heavily focusing on the new camera setup.

But is the triple camera system all that Apple has to offer in its new iPhone? Turns out, it’s not the only thing which is noteworthy. This year, the upgrades are more refined and comprehensive than they might seem on the surface.

Here we will talk about all that Apple’s latest iPhone model, the iPhone 11 pro has to offer and how, it yet again hits the ball out of the park.

iPhone 11 Pro: Price And Storage

iPhone 11 Pro comes with 64gb of storage with a screen size of 5.8 inches, and is priced at $1379 CAD. There’s also a 64gb, 6.5 inch iPhone 11 Pro Max, which comes with longer battery life - but is otherwise almost similar to the iPhone 11 Pro. The Pro Max is priced at $1519 CAD.

Of course, if you are not satisfied with the existing amount of storage, and since an iPhone doesn’t support an SD card, you can always buy additional storage. But that comes at a price. An upgrading the Pro to 256gb will cost you an extra $210 CAD while an upgrade up to 512gb will lighten your pockets by an additional $480 CAD. It is quite a lot of money to pay, but with Apple this probably doesn't come as a surprise.

iPhone 11 Pro comes in four colours: Space Grey, Silver, Gold, and a new addition, Midnight Green. The latter has become wildly popular, considering the fact that it can easily be mistaken for black in dim light.

iPhone 11 Pro: Design, screen, and sound system

The 11 Pro comes with an identical design to the XS, using the same stainless steel sides and a glass back. According to Apple, the glass back has been upgraded and has never been tougher. The only visible changes in the whole of the phone are located at the back.

The triple camera setup looks better than it was expected to. It draws inspiration from the classic design of triple-lens film cameras. The etched texture on the back glass provides more grip and a lesser chance of the phone slipping out of your hand. This is an especially welcome step because the glass back has been criticized because of its fragility.

Apple hasn’t done anything about the notch, though. While almost all other phones have reduced the size of the notch to a single lens, the signature rectangular notch still sits big on the 11 Pro’s screen. Talking about the screen quality, HDR videos look absolutely stunning, especially in Dolby Vision. The wide P3 colour range makes the pictures look more vibrant and sharp.

The iPhone 11 Pro comes with the new ‘spatial audio’ speakers with Dolby Atmos support, which provides a clear separation between left and right and enables you to hear more refined sounds too. The new speaker setup is extremely loud, has a delicate balance to it, and a quality that puts to rest the need for cheap Bluetooth speakers. It’s even louder and much better now for calling purposes than it has ever been.

iPhone 11 Pro: Camera

Now we come to the most highlighted and promoted part of the 11 Pro, the camera. Ever since the phone came out, the triple camera system has created a lot of buzz in the market. It has an ultra-wide lens with a 120-degree field of view, which is perfect for landscape photography and taking shots of tall and wide objects. It also offers the option of ‘zooming out’ when you can’t go backward anymore.

The ultra-wide lens comes in addition to the standard wide-angle lens and 2x telephoto lens, which the device carries forward from the XS model. These two lenses come with small but impactful updates. The telephoto lens has a 40% larger aperture, allowing in more light, which makes it better in dim light and capable of taking better portrait shots. The full wide-angle sensor has 100% focus pixels, which is faster and more accurate at focusing, especially in dim light.

The 11 Pro takes a slow shot in dark conditions and pulls out colour and detail that would normally be lost. The phone comes with an exclusive camera app, which is more nuanced and advance and gives you a variety of settings for taking the best possible picture. The most welcome difference in the latest feature is “quick take” shooting, which enables you to capture videos just by pressing and holding the shutter button.

A bunch of new and more accessible controls have also been made accessible. There’s a new night mode icon in the corner, which shows all the relevant details about the night mode.

iPhone 11 Pro: Performance And Battery

Apple is the front runner when it comes to chip technology. It is the only brand that uses A13 chip technology, which gives a boost to its power. The phone also feels faster because of a bunch of software updates to the iOS 13. The processor now has more substantial graphics power and a more powerful neural processor. It also employs a ‘Deep Fusion’ technique, which can boost image quality.

Apple has increased the physical capacity of the battery significantly in the 11 Pro models. Under heavy usage, the juice can easily last a day, which is a big jump from its earlier models. It comes with an 18W charger with foldable pins for your convenience. Also, if you use a high power charger, you can charge your phone pretty quickly. Wireless charging is also present, which is a great backup option to have.

The OS offers a dark mode, which can be opted for whenever you feel the need to. The new share menu carries more scrolling options, to keep the things in which you use the closest in hand. The 11 Pro supports Wi-Fi 6 and Gigabit 4G, but there is still no 5G support. According to Apple, it is only focusing on giving the best 4G experience it can right now, before it dives into 5G.

Final Verdict

It is definitely an upgrade from the previous versions and undoubtedly the best iPhone to date, more so because it delivers more than expected. Though it looks exactly like the previous versions apart from the back, almost all the small components have been refined. The screen is better, the camera is best in class, the speaker is loud, and the battery has been improved.

It comes at a hefty price, though, and to be honest, we didn’t expect an end of the trend of increasing the price anytime soon. So if you want a premium phone and price is not a constraint, the iPhone 11 Pro or the iPhone 11 Pro Max is a great choice.


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