How to Stay in Business During COVID-19

COVID-19 effects can be felt in nearly every industry worldwide, and the cell phone industry is certainly not immune to its devastating disturbance. With so much uncertainty on when the crisis will end, businesses in the cell phone repair and sales industry have a choice to adapt to the constant environment changes, or close. 

Due to our industry listed as an essential service during these times, many cell phone shops have the ability to stay open and even grow their business if they follow safety rules as other rules established by the governments. Shops in malls have been hit hard during the COVID outbreak. If you are a phone repair shop in a mall location, you may want to consider moving your operation to a stand-alone shop, or a smaller location where you can easily enforce safety rules such as social distancing and others as per your government orders. 

The Cell Clinic has made it a priority to not only survive during the COVID-19 outbreak, but to thrive as an essential service during these unprecedented times.

Here are some of the things we and others in our industry are doing to remain open during the COVID-19 crisis.

Safety and Sanitization

This pandemic, as we have seen in the news many times, has brought out the worst and the best in people.

The safety of your employees and customers is number one!  Make sure you talk to your employees and find out what is of concern to them and then address the concern.  

Cleanliness in your cell phone repair store needs to be a priority for your staff and customers! Customers need to feel like they are safe in your store.  Here is what the Cell Clinic implemented week one when the fear of COVID-19 hit our area of Vancouver, BC, Canada:

  • Offered hand sanitizer to customers upon arrival

  • Implement physical distancing measures (6' or 2mm apart) -- if needed, install arrows so your customers can move safety around your store.

  • Installed safety signage outside the store (remind of physical distance & warning not to enter if sick or have COVID symptoms)

  • Installed plexiglass shields at reception desks

  • Used gloves when accepting and returning customers devices

  • Sanitize devices upon receipt and immediately before handing it off to the customer while wearing gloves. 

  • Constant sanitization of all areas in the store