How to replace​ the back glass of an iPhone, without a laser.

Ever since Apple has brought out wireless charging for the iPhone, they have needed to use glass on the back of the device. As beautiful as it makes the device look, it has also given us one more side of the phone that has the potential to be cracked.

Cracked back of an iPhone can cost up to $779 at Apple!

With recycling on everyone's mind in 2019, you would think apple would make this back glass replaceable. Instead the have decided to make the back glass of the iPhone 8 and newer nearly impossible to remove just the glass preventing the repair of it.

As a repair shop we wanted to find the best solution for all our customers who were breaking the back of their new iPhone and getting quoted over $700 from the Apple store for a fix. This repair from Apple is not exactly a “repair”, but more of a replacement of the entire device, making it so expensive.

We thought the back of the iPhone wouldn't be replaceable, after initial video’s came out online like this one from Jerry Rig Everything - We continued searching and found 3 viable options for replacing the back glass on an iPhone. We wanted to share with you all the options we found for replacing the back glass of the iPhone 8 or newer.

Here are the options we found: