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How is Cell Clinic able to offer the best price?

We are often asked at Cell Clinic, how we are able to offer the most cash for used mobile devices. We are able to do this because we have a “competitive advantage”... We are able to offer the most for your mobile electronics because we also own physical retail cell phone repair and sales stores (in downtown Vancouver & in Surrey, British Columbia) and an online store. What this means is that we are able to get the most profit for every transaction — by both buying the device and then reselling it in our stores.

This extra retail profit we receive for each device we resell is what gives us the advantage over our competition. We are able to offer these buyback prices for so high, that our competition would be losing money if they were to offer prices similar to us.  Typically an electronics buy-back company only operates the buying side of the business and does not own physical store locations to also sell pre-owned devices at retail prices. When buy-back companies resell used cell phones and other mobile devices that they have purchased to a different company, they cannot get as much money for them as Cell Clinic can — because they need to allow for a profit for the store owner they are selling too, as well as themselves.

Another advantage Cell Clinic has for owning physical repair location, allowing us to offer a 1 year warranty and service on that device. Since we own the retail stores and the repair stores it costs us nothing to fix a problem with your phone where a competitor would have to absorb the cost of a repair on the device or not offer a warranty at all.

Owning the physical retail repair locations as well as the direct buy back and selling channels, means Cell Clinic owns every aspect of the used phone supply chain. Instead of keeping the profits for the company, we have chosen to give most of the money back to our customers in the form a “lowest price repair guarantee” and ‘highest buy-back guarantee”. We are here to serve our customers and to grow our socially responsible company, so that we can repair as many devices as we can to have the greatest impact on the climate crisis.

If you find a more attractive advertised price from one of our competitors, whether you're looking to buy a phone or to sell your phone, just let us know and we will match the price... and back it up with our industry high warranties (lifetime warranty on repairs, 1 year warranty on purchased devices).


About Cell Clinic 

Cell Clinic is British Columbia's premier pre-owned mobile sales and service company (with locations in Vancouver & Surrey) — a family-owned business with a dedicated team of professionals that have earned a solid reputation for delivering friendly and trusted service. Cell Clinic strives to provide the absolute highest level of service in the pre-owned mobile device (& more) repair/sales industry. Visit who we are to learn more.

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