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Get The Most Out of Your MacBook

Macbook laptop computers have become a modern-day revolution, being one of the most sought-after products in 2023. Macbooks have been known globally for being efficient, reliable and aesthetically pleasing. If you wish to keep your Macbook as close to the original shape you bought it in, there are steps you can take to get the most out of this incredible laptop.

Charge Your Macbook Properly

In order to extend the life of your Macbook's lithium-ion battery, it is important you don't keep your laptop plugged in and charging all day or night. The best way to extend this battery life is to only charge the device when you need to once. Once it is fully charged it is wise to unplug the device and wait until it fully dies before charging again. This isn't always the most practical solution but it will indeed extend the overall lifespan of the battery.

When plugging your Macbook laptop charger in, make sure to check for any dirt or dust that might obstruct the charger. If dirt and dust get into the charging port this can cause damage and your port may need to be replaced to work again properly.

MacBook Battery Inspection

Typically battery inspection will be at no cost to you if you visit an electronics repair store. The technician will be able to let you know your battery’s health which is listed on a scale from 0-100. If your battery has a score below 80 it is recommended that you replace the battery, as your battery life is dwindling at this stage. The replacement can usually be done the same day at these laptop repair shops.

Hard Drive cleanup

Cleaning up your hard drive storage can help keep you more organized and also contribute to the overall health of your Macbook. When you save many items to your desktop, this can cause your laptop to run slow and eventually you will hit a limit to how much you can store.

You might want to keep most of your files on something like a cloud service or an external hard drive if you are looking to have your Macbook operate the best it can for the longest. If your hard drive does need replacing, Cell Clinic can help you out with this by replacing it. This process is fairly straightforward and only takes a couple of hours at most.

Keep Your Macbook Cool

Macbook can start to heat up if the fan access has been blocked in any way. This can result in your laptop working overtime which ultimately ends up damaging it. To avoid this, keep your laptop on hard surfaces so the vent at the back doesn't get blocked. Using it for long periods of time on your lap, blanket or pillow will cause the Macbook to heat up. You also want to keep your laptop out of hot cars in the summer or anywhere where it could be exposed to excessive heat.

Servicing The Keyboard.

The keyboard on the Macbook (like all keyboards) can wear out over time due to normal use. To help extend the life of your keyboard, you can get a silicone keyboard protector. This protector is typically inexpensive and sits on top of the keyboard. This will prevent dust or other objects from getting underneath the keys that could potentially damage the mac.

If your keyboard does wear out, the keys can be replaced on most MacBook models very easily. You may need to get a repair technician to help you with the process depending on the model of the Apple MacBook laptop you own.

Keeping it clean

Regular cleaning and care for your Macbook can help keep you looking like the day you first purchased it. The best way to do this is to use a microfiber cloth and rubbing alcohol. You want to make sure you do not use any cleaning products on the screen as this could damage the display. Also make sure you do not use any water on a cloth as this water can get into the casing of your Macbook, causing corrosion to your laptop's internal components. You can also use a can of compressed air to blow out any dust that may be under your keys.

Operating system updates

It is important to make sure that your Macbook operating system is running on the newest update. This can help prevent many issues that could have been caused by vulnerabilities in the older software. Companies like Apple identify potential flaws in their products' software and then issue an update to protect their users. This is typically a free update and will also give you access to new features that may help you.

Hopefully, we have provided some information you can put to use to help you get the most life out of your Apple Macbook. If you do end up ever needing any repairs to your Macbook you can visit our store locations in Vancouver and Surrey. If you live anywhere in Canada you can also mail in your device for repair.

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