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Get 25% Off a New Battery With Any Repair

Cell Clinic would like to announce we will now be offering all our customers 25% off a new battery replacement when they get any repair done at one of our stores.

Whether your battery is slowly dying, or your device simply will not power up, a battery replacement is a great way to breath new life into an older cell phone, tablet, or laptop. This offer is valid on all devices we repair such as cell phones, tablets, and computers such as Macbooks.

To qualify for this discount on the battery replacement, you must be doing any repair on that device at the same time. It does not matter which" other repair" you are getting done on your device but it must be on that same device to qualify for the 25% off. Some of the most common repairs often see paired with the battery bundle are screen repairs, camera repairs, charging port, microphones, and speakers.

Our battery replacements are of the highest quality available and come with a 6-month warranty to make sure you are satisfied with your new battery.

iPhone Battery Replacement
iPhone Battery Replacement

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