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Why Choose A Contract-Free, Pre-Owned Certified Phone, Or Two...

Phone Shopping? – If you're considering a cell phone purchase to upgrade to a newer model or a different brand, an unlocked certified* pre-owned cell phone could be right for you. > To learn more about unlocked, certified smartphones - see below.

Enjoy the flexibility and freedom There are many reasons to purchase a pre-owned cell phone that is not under contract with a telecommunications company, but the number one reason is flexibility... Term contract phones can be expensive. Phone carriers often entice customers to sign-up for a multi-year contract by offering phones for "$0 down or a low a fee up front, but be aware that the value of the phone must be paid in monthly instalments (that are added to your month cellular phone bill) until the phone is paid off – typically after two years. Owning a smartphone outright allows you to take advantage of the many BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) cellular plans available in Canada that can start as low as $25 per month. When you purchase a pre-owned smartphone there's no need to sign a two-year contract with a telecommunications company. You are a free agent and can easily choose to switch carriers anytime and take advantage of deals that other telecommunication companies are offering.

As well, your pre-owned cell phone is fully yours... allowing you to sell or trade your device for a different model anytime without the penalty of exiting your contract term before the two-year period ends.


Side-Phone Shopping? – Maybe you already have a primary cell phone but you're thinking about purchasing an additional phone to use as a back-up. Smartphones have become an extension of our arm. A cell phone is an imperative tool for so many and it helps us manage and navigate our personal and business endeavours. You just never know when your primary mobile device may be lost or in need of repair. If you have an extra pre-owned cell phone you can easily insert your sim card into the device without missing a beat (or a call, text or email...). A pre-owned cell phone offers peace of mind and a veritable Swiss army knife of benefits at a low cost. It's good to be ready for whatever life throws at you, and an extra smartphone provides you with solace if you drop or lose your primary phone before heading out to meet friends, family or business associates, etc. Following are some examples of how an additional and pre-owned and unlocked cell phone will help you stay on track when life throws you a technology curve. Safety & Travel

If you're a frequent traveller or planning an upcoming trip, a back-up pre-owned cell phone could be a lifesaver! If your phone breaks or is lost / stolen during your trip, you can stay connected to your travel mates, maps, reservation information, etc. With an unlocked secondary phone you can switch SIM cards, find Wifi, or purchase a SIM card locally in order to stay connected. Keep an extra phone in the glove box for road trips in the event of an emergency, for entertainment purposes, as a dedicated GPS, or to track your primary phone if it's gone missing. When travelling to the USA; for privacy reasons you can present a stripped down phone to border officials that doesn't contain any of your data. Or, you can use the extra cell phone with a USA SIM card to eliminate data/roaming charges while still staying connected to your contacts in Canada through your primary phone number.

Photography & Video

Your pre-owned back-up phone can also be used for its camera capabilities – (photos or video). Having an extra phone can be especially beneficial during important events like weddings and family gatherings. We have many quality pre-owned certified phone models available that have great cameras with the ability to capture high resolution photos and videos. At events you could have a dedicated phone / camera ready to go on a stand or tri-pod to capture videos. Or, leave extra phones at each table to encourage guests to take candid shots and record video messages of the event!

Music & Storage & More

An extra pre-owned phone makes for a great dedicated music player. So when you go to the gym or for a run, you can leave your primary phone locked away in a safe place. Life is all about balance – so enjoy your exercise and health goals without the distractions of the outside world. Keep a back-up phone in your gym bag, loaded and ready to go with your favourite songs and playlists. An extra phone will help prevent you from running out of GBs on your primary phone during travel, as you fill the phone with life-long and precious memories! Also use an extra phone to store large files and videos that you can access off-line when you're not at a computer or in a wi-fi zone.

Gaming & Fun

Maybe you're a gamer or know a gaming enthusiast – an extra phone makes for a great dedicated gaming console. Load the phone with games and gaming apps for yourself, or for the gamers in your life. If you have kids or young family members, a pre-loaded gaming phone can make for hours of free, offline entertainment during holidays or while travelling. Un-Smart Phone It's a connected world, so unconnecting when you want to be phone free-er can be challenging. Have an apps and distractions free phone ready to switch to - when you want to enjoy more focused time with your: date, family, or Mother Nature. If you need to connect wifi it, tether - or even get an extra cheap line for calls only. "It’s not about getting off your phone, per se. It’s about getting on a different one," - from a recent post on Wired - Break Your Phone Addiction With... A Second Phone?


Unlocked - Pre-Owned - *Certified?

Still unsure about what unlocked means? An unlocked cell phone is one that is not locked to a specific carrier such as Bell, Rogers, Telus, Fido, etc.

How are phones *certified?

At the Cell Clinic all of phones we sell are in excellent condition. Our smartphones are pre-owned, which means that the phone has been used, and potentially refurbished with new components to make sure it's 100% functional. All phones are factory reset and fully inspected to ensure that they meets our high standards; having undergone a 28-point inspection (see the Cell Clinic diagnostic checklist below), and they have the highest top-quality rating on the used phone grading scale. Our quality unlocked, pre-owned certified smartphones come with six-months warranty, a charge cord. No more hassles with pre-owned phones that might get blacklisted or are in need of repair (at your expense). Cell Clinic 28-Point Diagnostic Checklist


Questions – Ready To Buy?

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