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Cell phone LCD has broken?…now what?

If you are reading this there is a good chance that the LCD display on your cell phone has stopped working. Maybe you are unable to see anything on the screen of your phone and only know the phone is working by the noise from the speaker. Or perhaps you have colourful lines showing up on your screen. Either way, we are here to help!

Your phone can likely be fixed

In almost all cases, the LCD has become physically damaged somehow. This is typically caused by either a drop or has come into contact with a liquid of some sort. The good news however that this is not a permanent condition and in all likelihood your cell phone is fixable.

If you choose to do nothing with this problem, it will not fix itself. In order to get the LCD display working again there is a high probability that you will need to replace the display itself.

Electronic repair shops can help

If you live near or around a big city chances are you will have access to an electronics repair shop. If not, most shops will accept repairs by mail. These shops repair a wide variety of devices which almost always include cell phones. Depending on the model of your broken phone, the shop may keep the LCD display in stock, but more often than not they will have to order it for you which could take a couple of days so plan accordingly.

Replacing the display is always the cheapest option and most environmentally friendly. If there aren't any affordable repairs available in your area you may want to consider buying another device to replace this option unless you require the data to be retrieved.

Replacing the LCD Display

Replacing the LCD is usually a straightforward process and the list of losing your data is very minimal. For the iPhone, the display comes off very easily after you remove the bottom two screws of the device. When it comes to repairing Samsung and other android devices, typically you will have to remove the back cover of the device before gaining access to the LCD Display. If you decide to do this repair yourself, I would highly recommend watching a youtube video on how to replace the LCD screen first. You can find a video by searching the model of the device you have followed by the term “LCD screen replacement”.

Fast repair is possible

The entire process of replacing your cell phone screen will usually take less than 1 hour. On average, disassembling the device takes skilled technicians about 15 minutes, 5 minutes to remove and install the new screen, 15 minutes to reassemble and then another 15 minutes to let the adhesive cure. The longer you can leave the cell phone the better as it will give the repair shop more time to allow the adhesive to cure.

If you need a fast same-day cell phone screen repair contact Cell Clinic now!

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