Apple Stores Close...

COVID-19 (Corona) Virus Impact on the Cell Phone Industry

On March 14, 2020 Apple closed all of its stores located outside of Mainland China. In a release issued by Apple (link below), the company states that the shutdown will last until March 27, unless extended due to the COVID-19 virus. During this period, a larger demand is expected to be placed on third party repair shops outside of malls such as for iPhone, iPad and MacBook repairs and sales. The Cell Clinic’s priority is to REMAIN OPEN in some capacity throughout the pandemic to ensure you stay connected to family, friends, your livelihood, and critical safety information through your mobile device. Our industry's part supply chain has been cut off since the beginning of February and many shops are experiencing difficulty accessing parts. Fortunately, the Cell Clinic purchased a large volume of mobile devices and parts when we learned that the COVID-19 (Corona) virus may impact our supply. We will not raise our prices if supplier costs increase due to shortage -- in fact, we are always lowering prices because part prices and phone values change as devices age.

As a small business we are nimble and able to pivot our services and delivery methods to give customers safe access to mobile device repairs and purchases during this unsettling time. We have implemented various initiatives to safeguard our employees and customers from the spread of COVID-19, and we encouraging consumers to take advance to the options and offers listed below. As changes in the situation develop we will continue to look for more safeguards such as drop boxes outside the stores, payment by eTransfer, etc.”


  • Request a FREE mailing label @ & receive a FREE bottle of Whoosh when we return your device. Lifetime warranty on hardware repairs.


  • $30 OFF online phone purchases @ www.cellclinic/buy. Enter the code STAYHOME30 at checkout. Free shipping in Canada. One-year warranty.


  • During times like this, finances can be tight and income for many may be unsteady. Therefore, we are offering customers financing options starting at 0% intere