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AMPSentrix Batteries Available at Cell Clinic

The industry’s highest rated aftermarket iPhone battery, Ampsentrix, is now available at both of our Cell Clinic locations!

Ampsentrix batteries are of a similar quality to the original Apple iPhone battery in terms of capacity and the batteries are backed with our 6-month guarantee.

Replacing your cell phone battery will solve the issue of a fast draining battery. This could be due to your iPhone's battery capacity, which naturally diminishes with use. You can check the current capacity of your device under the battery settings in your iPhone to determine is this is the reason for your short battery life.

iPhone battery capacity can be found under settings

Other symptoms such as a restarting cell phone or a completely dead device can be solved by simply replacing the battery. We do a free diagnosis of your mobile device at Cell Clinic and will advise on what is causing the issue you are experiencing. You can then choose to go ahead with the repair or not.

If you live near a Cell Clinic location you can book an appointment at you can receive $10 off your battery replacement.

If a Cell Clinic location is not in your area and you live in Canada, we do take devices via the mail. You can print yourself a free one-way mailing label to have your device sent to our facility for any repair. All information on mailing your device to Cell Clinic can be found at

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