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5 Work From Home Jobs You Can Do Entirely Through Your Cell Phone

It's no surprise that smartphones have successfully evolved into mini-computers that can serve a multitude of functions and boast top of the line specs. For instance, Apple’s latest iPhone 11 Pro is a full-blown marvel. It uses A13 chip technology and a processor that has more substantial graphics power, all on top of an impressive triple camera system that has an ultra-wide lens with a 120-degree field of view. The emergence of such powerful smartphones has not only improved the lives of many but also provided some with different job opportunities that they can perform from the comforts of their homes. James Gonzales shared that with a stable internet connection -- which is a top priority for anyone who is considering remote working -- and a fully functional IoT such as smartphones, anyone can earn a few bucks in just a few clicks. Not convinced? Here are five work from home jobs you can do entirely through your cellphone: App Tester

According to Statista’s latest study, over 6,140 android apps are being released every day. However, before these apps hit the market, they first have to go through tons of revisions and tests -- and here is where you come in. Through platforms like AppNana, you can apply as a smartphone app tester and provide honest feedback to developers who want to streamline their software. In exchange, you can earn some cash, gift cards, and even free software. Survey Taker From college students and academics who are working on their research to business strategists making plans for their companies, there are tons of people out there who craft surveys in order to feel the pulse of the public. This reality makes being a survey taker an appealing side hustle, even to the busiest person. To make money from online surveys, all you have to do is sign up on sites like InboxDollars, which offers paid survey opportunities as well as little payments for things like watching videos or playing games. Tech Support

If you are an expert in various kinds of software and hardware and have a knack for communicating various (and often confusing) steps to digitally challenged individuals, being a tech support person could be the perfect remote job for you. Based on Glassdoor’s estimation, a remote tech support worker can earn up to USD 35,800 (CAD 49,000) a year, a living wage for people who are residing in smaller cities or rural areas.

Language Tutor

Connecting with people who are trying to learn a foreign language has never been easier. There are tons of programs and websites out there that you can use to share your language experience with anyone who is interested in it, for a reasonable price. For instance, with the help of NiceTalk, a native English speaker with a smartphone can make about $10 an hour while lounging on his sofa. Market researcher If you don’t find talking to strangers about all sorts of products and services on your phone weird or awkward, you can make at least minimum wage by simply conducting market research calls. Websites like Martiz CX Research require market researchers to work 20-28 hours per week and offer raises throughout the first year.

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