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Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 Screen Protectors Unlocking Phones

in-screen fingerprint sensor

Samsung S10 and Note 10 owner's security has recently been compromised by a screen protector. By simply putting a screen protector on your new Samsung phone it could potentially be unlocked by any finger print, with its new “in-screen” fingerprint technology. A British woman originally discovered this, when her husband was able to unlock her phone using his thumbprint. Samsung has announced to users to remove their screen protectors until they can find a fix for this error.

We have tested our Protection Pro Clearplex screen protectors on these devices and they have been confirmed safe to use and work with the in-screen fingerprint technology.

Come by our Surrey or Vancouver stores if you would like this protection installed on your S10 or Note 10, with confirmed fingerprint working screen protectors.


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