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How much is my cell phone worth?

You may be wondering how much your cell phone is actually worth, now that it has been used. Factors such as age and physical condition of the device make up its dollar value.

Cell phones are typically graded on an ABCD grading system as shown below:

A= Like new

B= Some marks

C= Scratches and marks

D= Noticeable dents and marks

Where you sell your device will also determine how much you get for your cell phone.

Selling your phone privately will get you the most value for your device, but will also require you to do the most work.

Buy back sites are the quick and easiest way to get paid but you should expect to make a little less for the convenience. Buy back sites also provide a safe marketplace to make sure you don't get ripped off.

To ensure you get the highest amount, you can use a buy back site like ours, which guarantees it the most or we match it.

To sell us your phone, just go to and choose you the device you want to sell. A pre-paid label will be produced for you, and money will be transferred to you via e-transfer or PayPal.

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