iPhone Or Samsung - The Choice Is Yours

iPhone versus Samsung - a comparison of features and benefits

In an increasingly technological world, it's easy to get confused when choosing between an iPhone or a Samsung phone. Both companies are continuously 'upgrading' their technology, which makes it challenging to keep up with the latest features and benefits of owning one brand of phone over the other. And both phone models have pros and cons. In this article we will compare technical and public perception differences between iPhone and Samsung. There are many features in an iPhone that a Samsung does not have, and vice-versa. Here's a quick comparison of some of the top features unique to each phone model:

iPhone unique features, including: App Store, Apple TV, Facetime, Apple Watch, Safari, Siri, etc.

Samsung unique features, including: Play Store, Samsung Connect, Samsung Gear, Bixby, etc.

Comparing Features

Downloading Apps

Downloading an app is similar for both iPhone and Samsung. An iPhone has the App Store whereas, Samsung has the Play Store. Almost all of the apps are available on both of the stores and it is very easy to access both of the stores and to purchase any app like: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Operating System

Apple / iPhone has their own iOS as their unique operating system to run their phones whereas, Samsung uses the Android platform as their operating system.


Some reviews have suggested that the iPhone camera is generally is better than Samsung because of the clarity and specially the originality of the natural colours that are more equivalent to real life - but it comes down to model to model comparison.


Samsung makes it very easy to add additional storage it their phones - it is as simple as adding a memory card. You can purchase a memory card of the desired memory size needed and then simply insert it into the phone to increase the storage. Whereas, in iPhones there is a minimum storage capacity with each phone, but you can purchase additional storage access through iCloud is the free 5GB is not enough.


An iPhone can be backed up to an iCloud account, whereas, a Samsung phone can be backed up on a Google account, or you can transfer the data of either phone to a computer.


Both companies have improved their security systems by adding in different types of security locks. Initially phone locks started as a slide to unlock (no security) to then a number lock or sequence lock - and now phones are being released with more advanced security, such as: fingerprint scanner, iris scanning (Samsung), and face recognition (for iPhones).

Music / Media Sources

It is very easy to download songs onto a Samsung phone, you can simply search the songs and download them into the music app, whereas, for iPhones you have to pay to use the Apple Music or iTunes or you have to download some other music app to download your music/media into.


iPhones can be synched to an Apple Watch which can operate most of the features on the Watch itself, which allows you to not have to use your phone for basic tasks like taking a phone call or sending a text message. Samsung has Samsung Gear, which offers similar conveniences to Watch, to help users focus on the activity they are performing without their phone interfering.

Battery Backups

Both Apple and Samsung offer battery backups. Both companies have installed a battery backup in their phones which helps to save from overuse of the battery and to maximize the life of the battery.

Technical point-of-view