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Where can I find the cheapest iPhone screen repair shop in Vancouver?

iPhone screen repair

Are you looking for the cheapest iPhone screen repair shop in Vancouver? Your search ends here.

Have you dropped your iPhone accidentally and the screen of your iPhone is cracked? Well, that's really painful, and the next thing that will hit your mind is “Where can I get it fixed?”. With so many repair shops available in Vancouver, you might get confused, and things may become challenging for you to find the cheapest iPhone screen repair shop in Vancouver. But, there is nothing to worry about as we are here with a list of some great iPhone screen repair shops where you can get the cracked screen of your iPhone fixed.

#1 CellClinic


If you're looking for skilled and professional technicians, Cell Clinic can be the best place for you. They offer quality cell phone repair services at a great price. For iPhone 8 Cracked Screen repair, Cell Clinic will charge you around $209 for front glass screen and LCD. What's more? Cell Clinic will also offer you a 1-Year warranty on repairs so that you don't pay twice for the same repair.

When it comes to turnaround time, they take 30-45 minutes to complete most iPhone repairs on an average. The time may increase or decrease depending on the device model that you want to get repaired and the extent of the damage. Also, they ensure that only quality and original parts are used for repairs so that the performance of your iPhone device remains efficient after the repair. Overall, If you're looking for the cheapest iPhone screen repair shop in Vancouver, Cell Clinic is the first option that we would recommend to you. Find the price chart for iPhone screen repair at CellClinic in the below image.

iPhone Model

#2 Cell Phone Repair (CPR)

Cell Phone Repair

The next option available for your iPhone screen repair is “Cell Phone Repair” store. This one is another popular name in Vancouver where you can get your iPhone screen repaired. The only negative about this option is that they charge a higher premium for repairing the iPhone. But, they guarantee quality repair services and that quality parts are used.

When it comes to turnaround time, they don't have any predefined time; it can range from hours, to one to two days to get your iPhone screen repaired at the Cell Phone Repair Store. But they do offer free repair price estimation to repair damaged iPhones. They will first diagnose the problem, and then they will provide you with an estimated price – but most cell phone repair stores will offer a free estimate. Click Here To Check Their Pricing For iPhone Broken Screen Repair. They will start repairing your device only when you will be comfortable with the charges and price. Overall, “CPR” is a good option when it comes to finding the cheapest iPhone screen repair shop in Vancouver.

#3 iPhone Doctor

iPhone Doctor

iPhone Doctor is another option for cheapest iPhone screen repair shop in Vancouver. They claim to be an expert in fixing almost every cell phone device and models from Samsung to iPad tablets. Also, they promise quick around 20-minute turnaround for most repairs. However, they repair only limited iPhone models, namely iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 5SE, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 6S Plus, 7, and iPhone 7 Plus. They don't repair the latest iPhone models and this is a negative side of the iPhone Doctor shop. Also, when it comes to cost and repair charges, you may have to pay quite high charges to get the broken screen of your iPhone repaired here. The best thing about them is their turnaround time; they claim to fix almost every iPhone device (Devices/Models For Which They Offer Repair Services) within 20 minutes. So, with all these service qualities, pros and cons, iPhone doctor is another cheapest iPhone screen repair shop in Vancouver where you can get broken screen of your iPhone repaired.

#4 BK iPhone Repairs

BK iPhone Repairs is another shop in Vancouver where you can get your iPhone screen repaired successfully at a good price. They offer on site services for most repairs. However, the charge will again be quite higher than the others. They promise to repair phones in front of the customer while they wait.

What's more? If you're looking for a specific iPhone replacement part, they keep an updated list of everything that they have. Even if they do not have a part, they can arrange to order it for you. They promise original and quality part replacements for iPhone devices, but seems from reviews, that they are not able to fully satisfy some customers. Overall, if you do not get your iPhone repaired at the above three mentioned Vancouver cell phone repair shops, this one can work okay for you.


In addition to these recommendations, it’s always a good idea as a final check before choosing a cell phone repair store – to read the cell phone repair shop’s customer reviews on: Google, Yelp, Facebook. For example, the Cell Clinic has over 500 customer reviews for their Cell Clinic Vancouver location on Google, and most of them have a five star rating. And CPR has almost 100 reviews on Google.

Hopefully this selection of the cheapest iPhone screen repair shops in Vancouver, will help you to find the best place where you can get a broken iPhone screen repaired at an affordable price.

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