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The audio IC issue on the iPhone 7 & 7+

If you have an iPhone 7 or 7+ you may have noticed an extremly strange and extremly frustrating issue involving the microphone of the phone.

The issue seems to appear out of nowhere and causes the phones speakerphone microphone not to work at all. You will notice when you are on a phone call and go to set the phone to “speakerphone” this option will be greyed out.

The issue is actually caused from a loose “IC chip” on the motherboard of the phone. This can only be fixed by a micro-soldering expert and requires replacing the audio IC chip. This loose chip is also sometime the cause of a “boot looping” issue, causing the phone to turn itself on and off again.

If your phone is still under warranty we suggest taking it to Apple, as they may cover it for you if it is within the 1-year warranty purchase. If that’s not the case let us know and we can fix this issue for you usually in only a couple days wait.

Micro Soldering

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