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Key Fob duplication available at Cell Clinic Vancouver!

Let’s face it. Those little Key Fobs are pretty easy to lose or break... but without them we can’t get into our building or home! So why not have a spare just in case...

A spare is not just convenient, it’s sometimes necessary -- maybe your new roommate is moving in, and you only have one Key Fob. Whatever the case, no need to worry about needing a spare Fob, Cell Clinic Vancouver can duplicate your existing one in minutes! That way, your new roommie won’t have to wait in the rain until you arrive from work! It’s secure and super affordable! Only $14.99 per copy including a lifetime warranty! Best of all, there is no need to make an appointment -- stop by at your convenience!

We only copy RFID key fobs/card on a 125 khz frequency range. There is NO charge if you keycard or fob cannot be copied.

For more information on Key Fob duplication service please visit:

Visit our Vancouver location to duplicate your Key Fob or get more information:

Cell Clinic Vancouver

935 Seymour Street

Vancouver, BC V6B 3M1

604 558 2424

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