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LIQUID GLASS Screen Protection - Now Available @ Cell Clinic

Could this be the end of cracked screens? It very well may be with the introduction of LIQUID GLASS screen protection!

Cell Clinic is excited to announce that we now stock Titanium Armor Plus, LIQUID GLASS Screen Protector. This product is a nanotechnology coating that bonds to your devices screen, creating a 10x stronger and completely clear protective layer - that comes with a 1-year screen protection warranty.

"We tested the new LIQUID GLASS coating — tried to break the phone's screen with a hammer & it passed the hammer test with flying colours. This stuff really works!" - Cell Clinic Technician, Rupinder

Too good to be true? Don’t worry we thought so too... until Warranty Life backed their confidence of the product with a full screen repair insurance plan that comes free with every purchase.

Guaranteed Screen Protection - 1 Year No Screen Break Warranty

Register your LIQUID GLASS protector that you have purchased from the Cell Clinic with Warranty Life – and if you manage to break your front screen or LCD in ANY way during the first year - you're covered!

Warranty Life will pay for the entire cost of your screen repair with $0 deductible. You just visit one of our stores and we will file the claim for you and repair your phone screen for FREE.

For more information or to purchase this revolutionary new product - please visit a Cell Clinic store near you — Cell Clinic Vancouver | Cell Clinic Surrey - or the LIQUID GLASS page of our website.

Get the LIQUID GLASS coating for your phone for $59.99 (includes free coating application by one of our technicians & 1-year screen repair warranty) - 25% off with a repair.

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