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Fast Cell Phone Repair in Vancouver & Surrey

Turnaround time is always on our mind at Cell Clinic. Our stores, systems and processes are all designed around accuracy and speed.

We understand just how important it is to have minimal downtime when you break your phone as sometimes the offline time costs much more than the price of repair.

We strive to have most repairs done in under and hour when you walk into a Cell Clinic store without having to book an appointment.

Here are a few ways we minimize downtime while maximizing repair quality:

  1. Streamlined check in/check out process- we get you checked in as quick as possible getting only the required info we need to set up your customer profile and repair your device.

  1. Multiple staff on hand- we have multiple staff on hand with designated jobs to make sure your phone is fixed fast!

  1. Parts in stock- we carry a MASSIVE amount of parts in our stores. This equals no waiting and parts on hand for every the obscure types of phones most stores don’t carry.

  1. Fast Technicians- Cell Clinic recruits and trains the quickest and most accurate technicians in the industry. Repairing phones are their passion, and it shows through in their speed and quality of work.

We are constantly innovating and adding to our processes and produces to delivery you fast and accurate repairs done same day!

Fast Phone Repair

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