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Cell Clinic Screen Rebate Program

We strongly believe complete that transparence is vital to a business’s long-term success. Knowing this we make every attempt to communicate to our customers exactly how Cell Clinic operates and how we can add value to them.

One of the ways we add value to our customers is when it comes to how we offer pricing on cell phone screen repairs. If the glass on your phone is the only thing that is broken (the LCD and touch still working properly), Cell Clinic will receive money back when we recycle it properly.

Let me explain further how this works:

When the glass of a cell phone screen is broken, often times the touch screen and display is still fully functional. In order to perform the repair properly, we replace both the customers LCD display and glass (as the 2 components are fused together when the manufacture makes the cell phone.

Due to the LCD being a very expensive material, your old broken screen can be sent to a recycling facility and the recyclers do pay money for these screens. At Cell Clinic, we do this on your behalf and pass the money down to you in form of a rebate. This rebate is offered you via a cheaper price for the screen repair service. This is why you may notice on some devices we have 2 prices for screen repair.

This rebate is only valid if your touch screen and LCD is still working and your device is only of these models in which we get compensated for recycling.

For any questions regarding this rebate process, please email our corporate office at

iPhone Screen Recycle

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