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iPhone 6 & 6+ Touch IC AKA “Touch Disease” Explained

iPhone Touch ic touch screen issue

If you have suddenly lost the touch screen ability on your iPhone 6 or larger 6+ version, it may not be as simple as a screen replacement to solve your problem.

People all over the world and in our stores are reporting touch screen issues that occur out of nowhere on their iphone 6 & 6+ phones. This problem is so wide spread it has been deemed the term “touch disease” by iFixit

How do you know if your iPhone has this problem?

On many of the iPhone 6+ models, a good way of telling your phone may be affected by this is the appearance of “grey and white bars” near the top of your screen. If you are still experiencing touch screen issues without the appearance of the grey bars, it likely your phone still could be affected by the Touch IC issue.

If you have never replaced your screen and this problem has appeared without cracking or breaking your screen, this is also a sign you may have the touch ic issue.

If you put slight pressure near the top of the screen and this temporarily fixes your issue, it is almost a guarantee you have this issue.

So how do you fix this issue?

The Touch IC issue is a problem located on the “mother board” or “logic board” of the iPhone. The chip on the board is called the Touch IC chip, and it is possible for it to be replaced. If you decide you want the Cell Clinic to replace this chip, it is usually a 2-4 day waiting period. The work that needs to be done is extremly complex and you should absolutely back up your device before bringing it in for repair if possible.

Since this is such a complex repair, there is a small chance (less than 5%) that the phone could not power back on after the replacement of the IC chip. Of course, if this is the case, you would not be charged for the work if this unsuccessful attempt occurs. Cell Clinic is also not responsible for your device in this situation.

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