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Common Misconceptions of The Phone Repair Industry

Cell Phone Repair

People are often hesitant to repair their phones for various reasons. In this blog we hope to address some of the common issues that people worry about. Without further preamble, the top 5 misconceptions about cell phone repair:

1) “You have to be certified to fix a phone”

The truth is third party repair shops don’t have any kind of certification. Technicians are often self-taught without any kind of official training. They often learning through videos, tutorials and manuals. Most of all, technicians need experience. Shops like Cell Clinic will usually repair hundreds of phones per month and only hire the most experienced phone repair techs. Currently There is no official certification in this industry to it is best to choose a repair store with a great reputation and with many years of business experience to back them.

2) “Repair shops are sketchy”

Unfortunately, untrustworthy people exist in every industry. Yes, we do agree that you should always be very careful when choosing a repair shop. I recommend that you read online reviews to determine if the shop you’re going to is trustworthy. Online reviews, and the store’s responses to reviews, can tell you a lot about what the store is like. The repair industry is constantly growing and moving in a new direction becoming more and more professional. Due to this, less and less of these "sketchy stores" are staying in business.

3) “My warranty will be void if my phone is opened”

Most phones only have a 1 year warranty, and it’s a very limited warranty. Usually they will not cover your phone if it has any kind of damage. Unless you’ve paid extra for some kind of extended coverage (and sometimes even then) your warranty is probably already void. This leaves you with only two options. You can either buy a new phone, or get your old phone repaired. And 95% of the time it’s cheaper to get your phone fixed than it is to get another phone. Recently news has broken that Apple will no longer be voiding the 1 year warranty when a third party place replaces your iPhone Screen. We believe this is a huge step forward for our industry.

4) “The repair cost is way too expensive”

This is a common and legitimate concern. Customers are often surprised at the price to repair a phone. We believe that this is because people are unaware of how valuable their phone actually is. In Canada, phone costs are almost always subsidized. Your service provider most likely has you signed on a contract and you probably paid only a small fraction of the cost of your phone. The parts for phones are often extremely expensive.

5) “I can fix it myself”

Phone repair is generally not an easy thing to do. You don’t have to be a genius, but it’s difficult, time consuming, and tedious. The single most important skill for phone repair is patience. Unless you’ve got a lot of experience, even a simple phone repair will likely take hours to complete. What makes it worse, is that often you can get the phone together, everything will look fine and yet your phone still might not function. No matter how easy it looks on YouTube or some similar guide, we can guarantee it is not as easy as it seems. Parts can be lost easily during a repair, it’s also very easy to forget which parts go where, even with a guide. In addition, the order that things are put back together or taken apart matters. Get just one thing slightly wrong and you could damage your phone. The savings of doing the repair yourself can be very insignificant but if you are feeling brave we do recommend you get your info from a trustworthy source like

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