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iPhone Screen Repair No Longer Voids Apple Warranty?!

Apple iPhone Screen Warranty

In an internal memo recently distributed to employees, Apple looks to have changed their stance on third party screen repairs, according to

Previously, Apple has had a firm stance on this subject, stating that any third party screen repairs to the iPhone would void the 1 year warranty on the device. Now sources have confirmed that screen repairs from unauthorized locations “may” not invalidate this warranty.

Of course, details at this moment are very unknown and like many experiences at the Apple Store, your success of getting your phone covered under warranty can vary between customers, and sometimes even come down to a matter of the specific Apple employee you happen to deal with.

In either case, we are very excited about this news as this means Apple may be finally starting to recognize third party iPhone repair as an equivalent (in our opinion better) to repairs done at the Apple Store. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction in giving credibility to the ever-growing cell phone repair industry.

We will be posting more on this topic has more information develops.

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