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What to do when your phone gets wet

Did you accidentally go swimming with your phone? Did your phone go through the washing machine? Or did it get dropped in a puddle? Whatever the cause, the steps

to take are the same.

Turn off your phone

Even if your phone is working right now, there could still be water inside your phone. Water inside a phone will eventually cause damage. And if your phone is turned on, then that water will cause greater damage to it. If your phone has an easily removable battery, take your battery out.

Don’t try and charge your phone

If your phone doesn’t work at all after it took a swim, do not try and charge your phone. If your phone got wet and turned off, then your phone is probably damaged, charging your phone could make it worse.

Get your phone professionally fixed

The easy fixes for water damaged phones usually don’t work. Putting your phone in rice doesn’t really help, sometimes I have even seen phones that got rice inside them and further damaged the phones. Some of the “fixes” I’ve heard of are dangerous and will not only make your phone worse, but could harm you (things like microwaving the phone or putting it in an oven).

It doesn’t have to be us that fix your phone, although we would appreciate the business. Our stores have the necessary tools and our technicians have the experience to fix water damaged phones.

Prepare for the worst

Even taking all these precautions, even if you do everything right, there’s no guarantee that your phone will survive contact with water. Our success rate with fixing water damaged phones is around 60%. Unfortunately you might be in the 40%, if we can’t fix your phone then there is no fee, but you should be prepared that this is a possible outcome.

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