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A Look Into What the iPhone 8 Could look Like

iPhone 8

All about the iPhone 8

The next iPhone is still at least 8 months from release, but that doesn’t stop speculation about new features and design. Experts think that the iPhone 8 will be released later this year. With a large number of improvements lined up, they believe that Apple will skip the iPhone 7s and go straight from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8.

The most common and exciting features rumored:

  • All-glass design

  • Wireless charging

  • 5.8 inch screen

  • OLED screen

  • No home button

All-glass design

This would be a major departure from the standard design of the iPhone. Apple has used a metal chassis for all of their iPhones to date. In fact the last iPhone to have even glass on the back of the phone was the iPhone 4/4s. There is some debate as to whether or not this would increase or decrease the overall durability of the phone. Regardless, it would give the iPhone a new area that could break, the glass on the back of the phone. This making the phone more breakable and an even greater need for iPhone Glass Repair & Replacement.

Wireless Charging

It seems odd that the iPhone 7 didn’t support wireless charging to begin with. Wireless charging is a common feature on the majority off flagship phones. It is uncertain if Apple will implement their own wireless charger or just use the Qi wireless charging standard.

5.8 Inch Screen

The largest screen currently available for an iPhone is 5.5 inches on an iPhone 7+. The 5.8 inch screen would most likely be for an iPhone 8+ rather than as a standard size. You can probably expect a smaller size to be available as well.

OLED Screen

Apple has been using an LCD screen rather than adopting the newer OLED or AMOLED screen. If they choose to use the newer technology on the iPhone 8 you can expect better contrast and colour accuracy. In addition, an OLED screen helps to improve battery life.

No home button

This would be another major design change. The home button has been on every iPhone made so far.


The iPhone 8 seems set to have a radically different aesthetic as compared to previous versions of the iPhone, something that the iPhone 7 lacked. In addition we can expect various hardware upgrades to improve the functions of the phone across the board.

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