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New iPads Becoming More Expensive to Repair

In the race to make tablets faster, lighter and thinner, Apple has introduced a new way in which they manufacture their iPad screens. Apple has begun to laminate the iPad glass lens to the LCD. While this insures that no dust will ever get in-between your glass screen and the actual display of your iPad, this also may be the beginning of the end for cost effective iPad screen replacements.

In the past, Apple has always produced the LCD (display) of the iPad as a separate component to the actual glass screen. This would mean that if you broke your glass screen of your iPad you would only need to get the glass replaced in order to fix the broken screen. Unfortunately, with the newest models of the iPad air (iPad Air 2) & iPad Mini (iPad Mini 4), in order to replace the screen, you will be required to replace the glass, touch screen digitizer, and the LCD. This need to replace all of these components put the price of the screen replacement much more higher that the previous models of the iPad.

At this current moment it does still make financial sense to replace the glass and LCD on this new iPad’s apposed to buying a new iPad. But if you only have a slightly cracked iPad screen it may make sense for you to just deal with the crack in the screen, rather than paying the high price to repair.

Only time will tell if the price on these new iPad screens will come down in cost as the replacement parts get mass produced. We can only hope that this is the case from an environmental standpoint, as electronic waste is something we at Cell Clinic hate to see.

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Below is a visual of the three components that are now laminated together on the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4.

iPad Screen Vancouver

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