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The Cell Clinic Cell Phone Repair Warranty

When choosing a location to get your cell phone repaired, warranty is one of the most important factors you should consider. The length of the warranty (if any) and what the warranty actually covers should also be considered when making this decision. By looking into the warranty of your cell phone repair, you will hopefully avoid having to pay multiple times for a single issue you are having with your cellphone.

Now no cell phone repair company in existence offers warranty on physical damage (that would be insurance), not all warranties offered by phone repair companies are the same. In order to help you make your decision we have decided to provide you with some information on Cell Clinic’s current warranty program.

  1. We offer a 1-year (365 day) warranty on all repairs done at our downtown Vancouver location and a 6-month warranty on battery replacements.

  2. We offer this repair warranty for the part replaced on your device and the labor that goes into fixing your cellphone or tablet.

  3. Our warranty is void if there is any physical damage or water damage to the part replaced (example: a re-broken screen would not be subject to a warranty claim)

  4. In order to claim this warranty you MUST have your receipt, copy of your receipt, or some other proof of the detailed work done at Cell Clinic. This is the only way we can tell the work was done at our location. We advise you take a photo of your receipt once your repair is done.

  • Please note that if your screen has any lines running down the display, ink marks, or blacked out, this can only be caused by physical damage to the LCD display. This can be from dropping the phone, putting pressure on the screen, or some other type of strain to the phones screen. Cell Clinic does NOT cover this under warranty.

  • In terms of replacement screens Cell Clinic only covers the touch screen functionally of our screens. If you have any touch screen problems, or issues opening up an application due to the touch screen not working efficiently, we can replace the screen under warranty as long as it is not physically damaged.

1 year warranty cell phone repair

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