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The Most Breakable Cell Phone Screen

At Cell Clinic Vancouver we see lots and lots of broken cellphone screens on a daily basis. One of the questions we get asked by our customers the most is “what is the most breakable cell phone on the market?” In hopes to better educate our customers and answer this question, we decided to make a list of the top 5 cell phones we see most in for repair at our downtown Vancouver cell phone store.

1) Sony Xperia Z3- This is by far the most breakable smartphone we see on a regular basis at Cell Clinic. Its thin glass on both its front and back makes for a sleek design, but a very fragile phone. What makes this phone even most breakable is that in most cases even when the glass is slightly cracked, the touch screen does not function properly on the phone.

2) LG Nexus 5- The Nexus 5 was an extremely popular phone here in Canada and as a result it is the phone we see most in for repair. Not only is this phone popular, but also the screen is unbelievably fragile. The phones plastic casing makes it even more likely to break the screen, even when drop the phone on its corner edges. We do recommend you get a good rubbery case when using the LG Nexus 5.

3) Apple iPhone 6- Not only is the iPhone 6 the most popular phone on the market today, it is also one of the most breakable. The glass on this device is stronger than pervious models of iPhones, but Apple has also made it thinner than ever before. Also, the design of the phone leaves the corners exposed, making it possible to break the screen when dropping your iPhone on its corner edges. The good news is that the iPhone touch screen is typically still functional even with a crack in its glass screen.

4) Samsung S4- The Samsung S4 has a relatively strong glass layer to its screen, but the problem we see the most with this cell phone is due to its weak LCD. Our customers report problems when applying pressure to the phone screen causing the inner LCD screen to break. When this LCD breakage happens, the phone becomes unusable until the screen is replaced. This is also a more expensive repair than the phones listed above, due to the high price of the “Amoled LCD” used by Samsung.

5) LG L3- Although we don’t see this phone in as often as the others, this phone made our list because just like the Sony Z3, the screen becomes unusable when cracked (in most occasions). Due to the design of the touch screen on this device, if cracked, a portion of the screen may become unresponsive. This phone is not nearly as breakable as the Sony Z3, but we still do recommend you get a case and a good screen protector to avoid cracking this cell phone screen.

As far as the phones we see the least at Cell Clinic? We tend to not get as many Samsung Note phones in, as these have a relatively strong build quality to them. That isn’t to say that they are unbreakable, just far more superior to the other Samsung devices as well as other cell phones on the market currently.

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