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Hoverboards now available at Cell Clinic Vancouver

This year’s hottest transportation device has now arrived at Cell Clinic Vancouver just in time for the holiday season. The Hover board (or Mini Segway) is a fun new way to get around and see the Vancouver sights quickly and conveniently.

The Hoverboard works by using gyroscopic technology, which senses the movements in your feet. This allows you to easily control the speed you wish to travel and the ability to stop and turn quickly. The Hoverboard or Mini Segway travels up to speeds of 12 km per hour and runs approximately 25 kms on a single charge!

We found these Hoverboards extremely fun to demo around our store. They did take some getting use to, but overall it was easy to learn and took around a half an hour to get the hang of them and to ride them effectively. The best use we found for them was touring around the Vancouver sea wall on a nice day. We were able to move around the seawall very quickly and with little to no effort.

We will be stocking these Hoverboards in our downtown Vancouver store and they are available in both black and red colours. For prices and more information please vist our Hoverboards in Vancouver Page.

Hoverboard Vancouver

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