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Sell your phone for cash in Vancouver

Todays technology moves at such a rapid pace its hard to keep up with the newest phones and devices on the market. Phones and tablets are made to last for many years but become “out dated” long before they begin to fail , or become none functional. An old out dated cell phone to one person is a new technology another.

If you are one of those early adopters who enjoy staying on top the newest tech in the cell phone market, you may have faced the issue of what to do with your old mobile phone or tablet.

Cell Clinic Vancouver aims to provide a useful service to safely satisfy both those who wish to upgrade to the newest technology and those who are content with older technology at a cheaper price. Cell Clinic does this by offering a “buy back” program in which pays a cash payout for your old smartphone or mobile device.

After an extensive review and tune up of the device, Cell Clinic is then able to resell that device on to another customer that is not necessarily looking for the newest device, but a device that is not only reliable but also affordable. The mobile phone or tablet is then given a 3-month hardware warranty to insure there is nothing wrong with the pre owned device.

Cell Clinic Vancouver values its cash payout based of the current market price on the “Rogers Trade Up” website. This is a similar program provided by Rogers, but only provides are credit towards a new phone with Rogers. In almost all situations Cell Clinic will either match or beat the value offered on the rogers trade up website.

To find out how much cash you can get for your cell phone, ipad, or tablet first go to and search for your device. That is the amount you can expect to get in cash from Cell Clinic if you device is in good working order. In some occasions, Cell Clinic will beat this value given in cash.

If your device has a broken screen or another issue, Cell Clinic can still buy this device from you. The price given in this situation would be reduced by the wholesale price of the part needed to be repaired or replaced.

cash for phones vancouver

If you decide you would like to sell your device yourself here are some tips

-Find out what your phone is worth. A good way to do this is compare your phone to other similar models on sites like Craigslist. This will give you a ballpark estimate of what someone might be willing to pay for your device.

-Get your phone ready to sell. This includes backing up all your data, doing a factory reset, and removing any sim cards or memory cards from the device. You don’t want to leave anything personal on the phone that could give the new owner access to your accounts or personal information.

-Price it right. When selling online, it’s always best to err on the side of pricing too low rather than too high. You want to be competitive with other people selling similar devices, but you also don’t want to leave money on the table.

-Be safe. If you’re selling in person, meet in a public place like a coffee shop or mall. Don’t invite strangers to your home. And always be aware of your surroundings. Trust your gut – if something feels off, it probably is.

-Get paid safely. When selling online, only accept payment methods that offer buyer protection in case there are any problems with the transaction. PayPal is a good option, or you can use a service like for more expensive items. If selling in person, only accept cash.

-Ship (or deliver) promptly. Once you’ve received payment, get the phone to the new owner as soon as possible. The sooner they have the device, the happier they’ll be – and the less likely they are to leave you a negative review.

Following these tips will help make sure selling your cell phone goes as smoothly as possible!

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