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Three ways people often break their phones

We see broken phones all day, everyday working in a cell phone repair store. As you can imagine, everyone has a story to tell us when they bring in their iPhone or other cell phone for repair. We thought we would share with you the 3 most common ways people break their phones.

1. Fumbling the phone when pulling it out of your pocket – This seems to be the most common reason for a cracked screen. Many of our customers tell us they have broken their screen by mishandling their phone when getting it out of their pants or coat pocket. The best way to avoid this is to take your time and don’t rush pulling your phone out. No matter how important the call is.

2. Missing the pocket – The second most common reason for a broken device happens to be the exact opposite of the first most common; putting the phone back into your pocket. Not taking the proper time or not paying enough attention causes this “missing of the pocket”. This usually results in a straight drop down to the pavement and often a broken screen.

3. Back pocket, toilet drop – This is the most common cause of a water damaged cell phone. The user will forget the phone is in their back pocket when going to use the toilet. Although the phone is only submerged for seconds, it is enough to cause damage. Luckily toilet water damage has greater likely hood of being repaired, compared to other water such as salt water.

We hope this information will help you to know the risks and avoid breaking your cell phone. If you do break your phone, let us know and we can repair your cell phone in Vancouver.

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