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Original VS Copy iPhone Screens

If you have ever broken your iPhone screen, chances are you have taken it to a repair shop to get the screen repaired. You may have searched around your local area to find the best price, but what you may not have realized is that all iPhone screens are not of the same quality. You may end up saving money in the short term, but then having to pay again for another repair soon after.

To understand the different qualities of iPhone screens you first must understand how iPhone screens are distributed. When Apple makes a phone they don’t just make it themselves in their own factory. Apple contracts the work out to a factory to produce the screens. The factory carries out this work and then produces extra screens the can resell to others to carry out repairs on the iPhone. This “original” version of the iPhone screen is the highest quality available and will give you the longest life on your iPhone screen. They are also less likely to be defective, and stop working after a few weeks.

Once another factory gets a hold of these “original” screens, they attempt to “copy” the screens to mass produce them and sell them as well. Some copies are very good and do work, while others are cheaply made can easily fail when used for a few days or weeks. If you are looking for the highest quality iPhone screen repair, it is important to only use the “original manufacture screens”.

Although some of the copies screens are very close to the original, there are a few ways to spot a copy. The adhesive that’s holds the frame of the iPhone screen to the glass may be weak and easily pull apart. Also, with an original screen, a water drop will not immediately run off the iPhone screen like it will with a copy. Below is a picture of some noticeable points on an iPhone 4/4S original screen. The copies screen may not have some of these attributes.

We advise that you use only use original quality screens when getting your iPhone screen repaired or replaced. That is the only way to assure you are getting a quality repair. Cell Clinic Vancouver only uses the highest quality original screen at our downtown Vancouver repair location. If you are unsure if you are getting on original screen at your repair store, make sure at least get a warranty for your phone repair. That way, if they do use a non-original screen and it fails, you can at least take it back and get a new one installed.

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