A First look at the Apple Watch

The official Apple Watch release wont be until April 24th, but we had a chance to take a visit to the Apple Store and get an early look at the mobile device that is getting everyone talking.

In the past Apple has not been known for inventing a new product, but more so for reinventing a product. They then design it to perfection and produce it for the masses. The Apple watch or the “iwatch” is not an exception to this past strategy. Our impression of the Apple Watch is no different than our impressions of nearly ever past Apple product. This device is absolutely stunning. In our option, once again Apple has really nailed the design of this device, when compared to the other wearable’s on the market today. It a simple, yet elegant design, with a square display with rounded edges. The band flow nicely with the body of the watch, making this a fashion product just as much as technology product.

Apart for the initial looks of the Apple Watch, there are many questions many are having about the functionality and use of this new mobile device.

What you need to know about the Apple Watch

Many different options- First off, there are many different choices when you enter the Apple Store to view the Apple Watch. Choices from the type of band you want, all the way to the size of screen. You can even choose if you want a sapphire glass screen or just regular gorilla glass screen. All these choices come at a cost of course. The prices range from around $400 all the way up to $15,000 for the top luxury model!

You still need your iPhone- The Apple Watch is loaded with tons and tons of features, but you will need to be connected to your iPhone to run most these features. This connection can be done over a shared Wi-Fi connection, or via Bluetooth.

Battery life is only 1 day- The battery life on this device is similar to that of your iPhone. You will need to charge the watch at least once a day currently. We hope that battery saving features will be available in the future, but for now we are stuck with a 1-day battery life.

How to get one- Currently Apple is inviting you to make an appointment online to come in a try out your Apple watch in person. You then you have to go back online and order the Apple Watch. The Watch is then shipped to you when it is available. It may be a few months until the Apple watch is available in store.

Once the Apple Watch is officially released Cell Clinic Vancouver will have a full review up on the device, but until then we urge you to take a trip to the Apple Store to find out for yourself if the Apple Watch is something you think will be useful in your everyday life.

Apple Watch Vancouver

The first thing you'll notice about the Apple Watch is that it comes in two different size