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Glass Only Replacement for the Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair

If you have ever broken your Samsung Galaxy Cell Phone you may have looked into getting the front glass on it repaired. Unlike earlier models of Samsung cell phones, the glass on the Samsung Galaxy (and other newer Samsung devices) is fused to the phones LCD. Although it is very difficult, a glass only repair/replacement is still possible on these models of cellphones.

Provided below is information of each repair option, to help you choose what option is best for you when repairing a broken glass screen on your Samsung Galaxy.

Replacing Just the Glass

  • Replacing the glass only on the Samsung is a very difficult and time-consuming repair.

  • The average waiting time to have a glass only screen replacement is 2 days.

  • Replacing just the glass produces a much low quality repair than replacing the entire LCD and Glass on the Samsung Galaxy.

  • Replacing just the glass is a cheaper option, saving you around $40-$70 depending on the model of your Samsung Galaxy Phone.

  • There is no warranty on this repair, due to the nature of replacing just the glass.

  • We do not suggest you get only the glass done if you are looking for a quality and/or an aesthetically pleasing repair.

Some Problems to Expect When Doing Just The Glass

  • Some dust and imperfections under the screen, including bubbles.

  • Sticky or not as responsive of a home button.

  • Touch screen not as responsive as doing a full LCD replacement.

  • Glass not sitting 100% to the frame of the phone.

*Every outcome is different when replacing just the glass. Be aware these problems may arise when getting the glass only repair. We are not responsible and cannot promise a perfection repair when doing just the glass.

Samsung Galaxy Glass only Repair Vancouver

Replacing the Entire Glass & LCD

  • Replacing the glass and LCD on the Samsung is a very quick repair and the average wait time is only 20-30 minutes.

  • Replacing both the Glass and LCD is a much higher quality repair, and will leave you with a brand new “out of the box” looking cell phone.

  • Replacing the glass and LCD will cost you a little more money, around $40-$70 depending on the model of Samsung device.

  • In our experience the benefit of a quicker and higher quality repair far outweighs the cost, when replacing the glass and the LCD of your Samsung Galaxy Cell Phone.

  • We warranty this repair and outcome is much nicer when doing this repair.

Samsung Galaxy LCD Repair Vancouver

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