10 Things you may not know your iPhone can do!

1. If you switch your iPhone to “airplane mode” while charging, it will charge a lot faster.

Airplane mode iPhone Vancouver

2. To add a period and start typing a new sentence, simply double-tap the spacebar and it will do this for you automatically.

double-tap-period vancouver.gif

3. If you make an error while typing, just shake your phone and you will have the option to “undo typing”.

undo typing vancouver

4. To take a screen shot with your iPhone, just press down the top lock button and the home button at the exact same time. Your screen shot will be automatically saved to your iPhone’s camera roll.

iPhone tips vancouver

5. To find out if there are any aircrafts flying above you at any given moment, just ask Siri – “What airplanes are flying over your city right now”.

flights above vancouver iPhone

6. If Siri pronounces a word incorrectly, you can correct her by saying “that’s not how you pronounce said word.

help with iPhone vancouver

7. You can use the side volume buttons on your iPhone to take a picture. Just make sure the camera app is open on the phone.

iphone camera help vancouver

8. To see what time your text message was sent and received, simply “slide” the text to the left.

iphone text message help vancouver

9. To get Siri to read your emails out loud for you, simply say, “read my email” or “read my latest email”.

iphone email help vancouver

10. To use your iPhone as a level, just go to the “compass” app and swipe to the left.

iphone tricks vancouver

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