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Why Go Any Where Else?

"I did a web search to find someone who could fix my broken iPhone screen, and found Cell Clinic. I had a great experience, from the online booking discount to the in-person service. With a lifetime warranty, why would you go anywhere else? I’m a fan, and you probably will be, too."

- Jeff Bowen

Painless Experience
(Selling a Phone)

Painless experience! Got a quote, sent my device and got my $$$ as agreed upon. Good alternative to Kijiji and the scammers!’

-  Jean-Claude Nsabiyeze

Honest Business

Very honest business.

Marcelo Meirelles

Don't Upgrade - Just Repair It!

"Can't express how awesome this place is, everything costs as it states. Easy to book an appointment and they still do walk Ins as well. Most jobs take under two hours and they offer warranty on their work where applicable. Got my phone back good as new and fully charged. The range of devices they can repair is pretty far and wide. Don't upgrade if you don't need to. Just repair it. Definitely use Cell Clinic." 

- Brook West

Most Reliable and Cheapest

"Most reliable and cheapest place to replace iPhone battery! They provide professional, fast service plus their replacement battery lasts for a much longer time than the replacement battery I got from Apple store. I got a replacement battery once at Apple store and the replacement iPhone battery lasted for less than a year. This time I got my replacement battery at Cell Clinic and the battery health is still 100% after 9 months! Plus the replacement battery at Cell Clinic is almost 3 times cheaper than the one at Apple store. I am so happy with Cell Clinic’s replacement battery and their professional service that I fully recommend them to everyone!

- Love Kittens

Top Class Service

"Top class service and pricing!!! Very happy will come back if I need any other repairs." 


Farhan Meghji

Price Higher Than Most
(Selling A Phone)

"I got a quote online for selling my used S10+. The price their website offered was higher than what most of the other stores/websites offered. So I sent my phone to them through Canada post without paying anything and received the money in 5-6 hrs after they received my phone. They also responded to my emails multiple times very quickly. I don't usually write reviews, but I'm really impressed by overall experience. Really recommend."

- Amit Madan


Fixed My Nintendo

"Brought my overheating Nintendo Switch in for service and not only did they fix that but they fixed my Joy-con as well. They didn't charge for my Joy-con repair. Thank you!!"

- Jordan Kroeger

"Ordered a smartphone online and the service was seamless. Great price and phone arrived within 2 days and works perfectly. Even has a one-year warranty."

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