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Software Repair
in Vancouver & Surrey, BC 

Please contact us for a free estimate on your software fix.   No Fix - No Fee

We complete software repairs on most smartphone and tablets including: iPhones, iPads, Samsung, LG, Nexus, Sony, HTC, Huawei, Motorola and many more mobile devices.

Common Software Problems

 phone repair Surrey, BC
  • Booting problems -- stuck in a boot loop

  • Stuck on white screen

  • Freezing or glitching 

  • Stuck on logo screen

  • Bricked 

  • Not able to send or receive messages

  • No cell reception 

  • Suddenly shutting down

  • Issues caused when jailbreaking

  • Issues caused when rooting

  • Bluetooth and wifi not working

  • Stuck in download mode

  • Flashing logo

What you need to know before getting a software repair.

Our Services 


  • Contact us for a cost estimate -- cost is dependent on complexity of the software fix and the model.

  • No fix, no fee service. 

Examples of software services:

  • Reset device -- bypass passcode entry (Android or Apple)

  • Remove Google account (Android)

  • Correct software failure (Android)

  • Restore smartphone to factory settings (Android or Apple).

Additional Information

  • Estimated wait time is 1-3 days, depending on the complexity of the issue.

  • We cannot guarantee to save your data -- in fact, assume we cannot. Back up your data if possible. 

  • Your phone may not turn back on if the technician is unsuccessful with the software repair attempt.

  • We cannot remove an iCloud lock from an Apple product.

Software Warranty 

  • The software fixes have a 30-day warranty as long as the software issue is the same as the original issue we fixed, and only if the device has not been manipulated after our repair.

  • If the same software problem reoccurs within the 30-day warranty period we will try the fix again, and if unsuccessful, we will refund. If we fix the same issue the second time and the problem reoccurs again within the 30-day warranty period, we will refund and not try the fix again.

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