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Cell Phone Store Vancouver & Surrey

Top Quality Cell Phone Store Vancouver & Surrey

Buying a pre-owned phone is a great way to reduce e-waste as well as to save money. Our phones are from top manufacturers and include some of the best models, and by using them as-is, you eliminate the need to take them apart and try to recover their construction materials. This is just one of many reasons we are one of the top cell phone store Vancouver, or anywhere else nearby. Of course, it also means that you get a great phone for far less than you'd have to pay for a new one.


Selling phones to us can also reduce e-waste. If your model is in good shape, and the vintage is new enough to still be in demand, it will be resold to a buyer instead of sent to a recycling center. If it's old enough that it does need to be recycled, it is still better than just throwing the phone away. Many phone components can be used again. We also provide high quality cell phone and electronics repair services. You won’t find any other electronics repair shops in the region that offer the same high quality for such good prices.


Whether you are looking for electronics repair shops, or you want to find a quality cell phone store Vancouver; we can serve you. We have two physical outlets as well as a site, and you can do business in any of these ways. We'll be glad to serve you regardless of which method you choose!

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