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OnePlus 9R Repair Prices

Samsung Galaxy S9 Repair




On average OnePlus 9R repairs are completed in 1 hour.
Wait times are not guaranteed and may be extended on busy days.
Lifetime warranty on hardware repairs (Cell Clinic Warranty Policy)
Free diagnosis — No appointment needed - first come, first served.
To make things go as smoothly as possible please read the 
"pre-repair preparation" before bringing in your mobile device.
Screen: Glass, Touch Screen Digitizer & LCD
(OEM Part)
glass Samsung galaxy s9 repair Vancouver

Problem: The glass could be broken, the touchscreen could be unresponsive, the screen could have black spots, lines, or is completely blacked out.

Lifetime repair warranty on repair (void if physical damage). 

Walk-in repair available anytime or

book your repair now to save $10.

Back Camera Lens


Problem: The glass covering your back camera is scratched or cracked. Perhaps the picture is blurry due to damaged one to the lens or the back camera. Bring it in for a free diagnosis.


Walk-in available anytime.


Charge Port

Problem: Your phone is not taking a charge properly, it won’t charge at all, or the cord does not fit into the port socket properly.

Six-months warranty on this repair (void if physical damage). 

Walk-in repair available anytime or

book your repair now.


Software Repair
(Contact for $ quote)

Problem: You’re experiencing issues related to the software functionality of your device (i.e., restarting on its own, software features are glitching, a reset is required, etc.). 

30-days warranty.


Walk-in available anytime or 
book your repair now


Other Issue?
Contact Us

Problem: Contact us for a quote on any issue not listed. 


Water Damage
Coming Soon
(Free Diagnostic)

Problem: Your phone is not turning on or functioning properly after being exposed to liquid. We only charge if we are successful. The cost will be dependant on if parts required to fix the device. If only a water damage cleanup is required the cost is $99. 


No warranty on water cleaning  (i.e. motherboard) but lifetime warranty on parts we replace.


Walk-in available anytime or 

book your repair now.


Click here for more information and wait times in Vancouver.

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