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Are Mobile Phone Covers Just for Looks?

Many people get new mobile phone covers as soon as they get a new phone. Most of these covers are made to look fashionable, so it's easy to think that appearances are the main reason for the practice. For some people, that is indeed correct. This is especially true for teens, young adults, and those who never expose their phones to any extreme environments. Those who are most interested in fashion also tend to take good care of their phones, so they don't need the heavy-duty protection that some cases offer.


People who work in environments such as warehouses, construction sites, and heavy industrial factories have entirely different needs. For them, mobile phone covers are all that stand between their phones and speedy destruction of their device.

People in these workplaces look for thick, tough cell phone accessories and will buy the ones that fit that description – regardless of their looks.

There are also people who buy this style of cover because it gives the appearance but the main market is people who really do need the improved protective capabilities of the big rubber mobile phone covers.


While it is on the rare side, some cell phone accessories manufacturers have tried to bridge the gap between fashion and protection. They have added new technology, colours or contrasting designs to lessen the "basic factory" look without seriously compromising the shock resistance of the covers. These variations are still thick, but they make it easier to tell whose phone is whose as they allow for some individuality.


Even so, the thin fashion covers that protect against mild bumps have infinitely more style choices than the industrial cases, so they are the most popular with the general public.

Some people choose more than one cell phone case so they can change the looks of their phones on as it fits their need and situation.

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