Buy and Sell a Mobile Device Near Me

Do I Need to Buy and Sell a Mobile Device Near Me?

While it may be faster to search for a place to "buy and sell a phone "near me" option, it definitely isn't something you need to do.

It's possible to buy a mobile device online from nearly anywhere. Most online buyers and sellers do business anywhere within their own country, which is a great opportunity for those that either don't live near a city, or don't want to navigate through the steps to safely and quickly sell their phone.  



From anywhere in Canada you can buy a pre-owned, unlocked and certified mobile device from the Cell Clinic -- it's a great way to save time and money while helping to reduce eWaste.

Our devices are from top manufacturers and include some of the best models. The Cell Clinic offers a one-year warranty on all our devices. 



When you sell the Cell Clinic your mobile devices you are guaranteed the highest payout of any company online in Canada.  You are also helping to **reduce eWaste by giving someone else an opportunity to own an expensive mobile device with the Cell Clinic's one-year warranty. 

The phone will be tested, repaired as required, and resold to a buyer instead of sending the device to a recycling centre before the end of its life-span, which is a ridiculous .huge waste of our resources and negative impact on our Mother Earth.   


Therefore, whether you're looking to search for a reputable company to buy or sell a cell phone, sell an iPad, or look for a place to sell a MacBook computer "near me" or "online" -- the Cell Clinic can help you save you time and earn or save money.   

The Cell Clinic has two physical retail locations in BC's Lower Mainland (Vancouver and Surrey) as well as an online site. You can learn more at on how you can buy or sell a mobile device through us.

We'll be glad to do business with you at your convenience. Take a few minutes to check out the services we offer and let us know how we can help you.  

**Reduce eWaste and help the environment through the reuse of a mobile device in order to expand the life-span of the construction materials that need to be recovered -- reducing the overall need for more production. The components of the phone present the risk of contamination that often arise from trying to process these materials back into their raw state. 

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